Skin Analyzer

Skin Analyzer Vista


The various skin conditions that can be revealed vividly are:


  1. Pigmentation problems

  2. Sun Damage below the skin

  3. Dehydrated skin

  4. Congestion and Acne

  5. Oily skin

  6. Dead skin

  7. Poor Circulation

  8. Dry Areas

  9. Localized Congestion

  10. High Coverage and Make-up

  11. Bleached Hair

  12. Good circulation and Hydration (Ideal skin)

Skin and Hair Camera Analyzer

Model- Skin n Hair Camera Analyzer

This machine uses the most advanced photography technology, multi-media photo compress technology and optics micro- magnifying- technology. It displays the magnified pictures of hair and skin. This machine is easy to operate, convenient to use, easy to carry. It is mainly used for hair and skin analysis on TV monitor.


Magnifying Lamp For Skin

Observe and inspect skin and hair more clearly.
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